Wednesday, December 28, 2016

ESP8266 Sent Sensor Data to Firebase Realtime Database

ESP8266 Sent Sensor Data to Firebase Realtime Database

What is Firebase ?
Firebase is a platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality apps ( Mobile and Web Apps),
grow your user base, and earn more money.

Firebase is made up of complementary features that you can mix-and-match to fit your needs.
Show in May 2016, at the Google I/O conference

System Diagram

1.ESP8266 WiFi Module or NodeMCU ( We use ESP8266 12E )
2.Temperature and Humidity Sensor DHTxx ( we use DHT22 or AM2302 )
3.OLED Display for Option

Wiring Diagram

My ESP8266 WiFi Model Development Board


ESP8266 Source code on Github ( Arduino IDE )

Arduino Library
Firebase Arduino Library
WiFi Connector
DHT Sensor
Adafriut GFX ( OLED Display )

        • Firebase Arduino [GitHub]
        • Firebase Arduino - Documentation
In Thai
มาลองใช้งาน Firebase Realtime Database กับ ESP8266 ด้วย Arduino กันเถอะ

ESP8266 ESP8285 กับการใช้งาน Firebase ระบบฐานข้อมูลเรียลไทม์จาก Google

Demo with Android App

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