Monday, October 10, 2016

ESP32 develop with Arduino IDE

ESP32 Develop with Arduino IDE
I've just ESP32 Development Board call Nano32 from Gravitech / MakerAsia.
The new ESP32 WiFi chip from ESPressis System improve over ESP8266 WiFi Module.
see the spec.

Now ( Oct10 ,2016 ) announced Arduino Core for ESP32 WiFi Chip

The following was the setup environment for ESP32 with Arduino IDE

STEP 1  
Download Arduino core for ESP32.

Then Unzip and we will copy all this file to Arduino IDE directory or path later.

If Install Arduino IDE already. Find the path of Arduino IDE Installation directory.

My Computer in C:/Program Files (x86)/Arduino

Make New folder name espressif in the hardware directory

and make subfolder in espressif  folder name esp32

Then copy all files from download into this directory. ( esp32 )

or Use Command Line 
cd hardware
mkdir espressif
cd espressif
git clone esp32

Use Python 2.7 Command 
if you don't have it. download Python 2.7

Then Use Command Line
cd esp32/tools

My Example

STEP 4 Open Arduino IDE
Now, You will have Board ESP32 Dev Module and Select port

STEP 5 Test Compile and Upload Example Code

Test Blink in Example Code

Done Uploading.
Upload code faster than ESP8266 very much.

Reference ( Fixed some bugs ) Thank you for that.

Nano32 Board

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