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Arduino + ESP8266 WiFi Web Server

Arduino + ESP8266 WiFi Web Server
ใช้ Arduino กับ ESP8266 ทำเป็น WiFi Web Server ควบคุมอุปกรณ์ต่างๆ
Arduino and ESP8266 WiFi Module to make Web Server for Web based Control Relay Output or other devices.

System Diagram

1.Arduino MEGA Board ( or compatible board )
2.ESP8266 WiFi Module
3,Relay Board
4.LCD Display ( Option )

Wiring Diagram

Arduino Pin19  ( RX1 )  to ESP8266 pin UTXD
Arduino Pin18  ( TX1 )  to ESP8266 pin URXD

ESP8266 Pin Out

Procedure to make Web Server

Check Communication and Reset ESP8266 WiFi Module

use  AT+RST

Set Station Mode ( Mode 1)

use  AT+CWMODE=1

Connect WiFi Network

use AT+CWJAP="ssid","password" 

Set Multi point Mode


Start Server and Set Port

use AT+CIPSERVER=1,port

Check Your IP Address


Close All Socket


AT Command Example Test to make TCP/IP Server 

Arduino ESP8266 WiFi  Web Server Example Code

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