Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ESP8266 WiFi Module Control RGBLED

ESP8266 WiFi Module Control RGBLED

This project we use ESP8266 WiFi Module to control RGB LED via WiFi Network.

System Diagram


1.ESP8266 WiFi Module ( or NodeMCU )
2.RGB LED ( common anode (A) ) if you to use common cathode ( K ) must edit code.
3.OLED Display ( Option )

Wiring Diagram ( RGB LED Common Anode + )

ESP8266 Pin GPIO_14 to LED R
ESP8266 Pin GPIO_12 to LED G
ESP8266 Pin GPIO_13 to LED B

Option OLED Display
 ESP8266 Pin GPIO_05  ( SCL )  to  OLED pin SCL
 ESP8266 Pin GPIO_04  ( SDA )  to  OLED pin SDA

ESP8266 Source Code  ( IDE use Arduino IDE 1.6.8 )

Source Code on GitHub

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