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Arduino and 128x64 GLCD

Arduino and 128x64 Graphic LCD


1.Arduino Board
2.128x64 Graphic LCD Module (controller  KS0108 Chip or Equivalent ) ST7920  SBN6400G , SBN0064G

We use this model from Electronic Source Thailand

Data Sheet

Wiring Diagram

 GLCD Pinout

Add VR10K to adjust Brightness.

Connect to Arduino

For Arduino Mega
Arduino Pin 22   for  D7
Arduino Pin 23   for  D6
Arduino Pin 24   for  D5
Arduino Pin 25   for  D4
Arduino Pin 26   for  D3
Arduino Pin 27   for  D2
Arduino Pin 28   for  D1
Arduino Pin 29   for  D0
Arduino Pin 33   for  CS1
Arduino Pin 34   for  CS2
Arduino Pin 35   for R/W
Arduino Pin 36   for  RS
Arduino Pin 37   for  EN

Arduino Pin 13  for LCD Back Light Control

Software ( Arduino Library )

Arduino GLCD Library Version3 ( or AVR Controller )


GLCD-Arduino has the following features:
  • Support for Arduino 1.x (still works with pre 1.x IDEs)
  • Support for Mega 2560, Sanguino and Teensy boards
  • Easier pin assignment. Any pin can be assigned to any glcd function.
  • Accurate/Consistent font rendering of any font size on any pixel location.
  • User definable text areas
  • Up/Down text scrolling
  • Circle functions
  • Additional example and demo sketches including a diagnostic sketch
  • Fully search-able documentation in HTML format
  • Pins can optionally be assigned by AVR port and bit instead of Arduino pin number.
  • Supports fixed width fonts that provides up to 8 x 21 character display with the supplied system font.
  • CursorTo method to position the cursor to a given font location (fixed width fonts only)
  • DrawBitmap function to display bitmap images stored in Flash memory. A Processing utility is provided in the download to convert a monochrome bitmap file to a header file that stores the image in flash for use by the DrwBitmap method.

Create Font  use GLCD Font Creator 2
Use this program

How to Create Font in other Language

FONT 8 x 8

FONT 14 x 20

Example in Thai language
I've edit GLCD Font Creator 2 for Thai language only. ( Java Code )

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