Wednesday, November 25, 2015

ESP8266 IoT Smart Plug with NETPIE

ESP8266 IoT Smart Plug with NETPIE
ESP8266 WiFi Module make smart plug Internet of Things Application.

System Diagram
1.ESP8266 WiFi Module ( ESP-12E )
2.Relay Module
3.OLED Display

Wiring Diagram

ESP8266 Pin GPIO_15 to Relay
ESP8266 Pin GPIO_04 to OLED SCL pin
ESP8266 Pin GPIO_05 to OLED SDA pin

ESP8266 Source Code and Web App Source Code ( HTML5 )

About ESP8266 Code and Web App Code
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Then Use them to your code.

ESP8266 Code

Web App Code ( html )

NetPie IoT Service

Original Project from NetPie ( in Thai Language )

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