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Android ADK - ETT Mega2560

Android ADK - ETT Mega2560 Microcontroller Board

Product Description
The ETT Mega 2560 ADK Board is based on the ATmega2560, which is fully compatible with Google's ADK and it includes all the basics you need to start building your own Android accessories. It has a USB host interface to connect with Android based phones, based on the MAX3421 IC and has number of facilities for communicating with a computer, another Arduino, or other microcontrollers. It is designed in a way that allows it to be reset by software running on a connected computer. Each of the 50 digital pins on the ADK can be used as an input or output.
ETT Mega 2560 ADK Board supports Android devices v1.5 using MicroBridge and v2.3.4 and above with Google Open Accessories API (ADK).

  • Supports Android v2.3.4 with Android Open Accessories development Kit (ADK)
  • Supports Android v1.5 with Android Debug Bridge (ADB) using MicroBridge
  • Arduino Mega 2560 compatible (256K Flash MCU)
  • Clock speed of 16 MHz
  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Input Voltage (recommended): 7V to 12V (Power Jack 2.55mm)
  • Digital I/O pins: 54
  • 16 Analog inputs
  • 14 PWM outputs
  • 4 Hardware serial ports (UART)
  • 1 Hardware TWI (I2C)
  • 1 Hardware SPI (up to 8Mbps)
  • On board MAX3421 USB host
  • On board FT232RL USB slave

Because Arduino that is the development project on AVR MCU as Open Source has been published, it is popular and widespread shortly. For Software, it has been continued developing; and nowadays (September, 2011) Program Arduino has been improved to be version “arduino-0022”. For Hardware, it has been continued improving as same as Software. In the past,
it only supports in developing program with small Chip MCU 28PIN such as ATMEGA8/ATMEGA88/ATMEGA168/ATMEGA328; and nowadays it can support in developing program with larger Chip MCU 100PIN such as ATMEGA1280/ATMEGA2560, respectively. Recently, it has developed capabilities of Arduino on AVR to connect with USB Host devices, so Arduino can be modified to connect with various types of USB Device such as USB HID Keyboard or USB HID Mouse. Moreover, it is more interesting because this Arduino can be modified to interface with smart phones that use Operating System of Android. This Operating System is Open Source from Google, a large web browser of the world, called Android Phone. In this case, user can communicate and command Board Arduino through Android Phone well. This is a step of developing Arduino on AVR that makes this Arduino more interesting and outstanding.

Now, ETT has developed Chip AVR MCU No.ATMEGA2560 and MAX3421 to make Board Arduino called “ET-MEGA2560-ADK”; it has USB Host that supports the connection between USB Device and
Android Phone. It has designed I/O Pins, including size according to the standard of Board “Arduino Mega”; moreover, it adds USB Host and improves some restrictions better. So, it is more convenient for user to use this device.

Specifications of Board ET-MEGA2560-ADK
  • Use ATMEGA2560 as MCU on Board; RUN by 16 MHz Frequency from Crystal Oscillator
  • Has 256 Kbyte(4 KByte is reserved for Bootloader)/ 8 Kbyte SRAM/ 4 KByte EEPROM
  • 100% Support for developing program by C++ Language of Arduino according to Arduino MEGA
  • Use USB Bridge No.FT232RL from FTDI and Over Current Protection to communicate and download Code from computer into board without using any external Programmer Device
  • Use On Board USB Host(MAX3421) to interface with USB Device or Android ADK device
  • Support ADK (Android Open Accessories development Kit) to develop program; it uses Google Open Accessories API with Android device that has been installed Android Operating Systems V2.3.4 or higher.
  • Support Android Debug Bridge (ADB) to develop program; it uses Library of Microbridge with Android device that has been installed Android Operating Systems V1.5 or higher.
  • Has 54Pin Digital I/O as follows;
  • 16 Pin Analog Input (10BIT 16-CH ADC)
  • 14 PWM outputs
  • 4 UART(Hardware Serial Port) as TTL Logic
  • 1 Hardware TWI (I2C)
  • 1 Hardware SPI (up to 8Mbps)
  • Size of PCB Board and position of Pin Connectors accord with Arduino MEGA, so it can be used with all Board Shields that are made to support Board Arduino Mega. This PCB Board size is 5.3cm. x 10.2cm.
  • Support External Supply that is both 7-12V AC and DC. It uses 1A Switching Regulate (LM2575-5V) to reduce heat when using very high current. It can use Power Supply from Port USB if using current is not higher than 500mA. In this case, there is circuit to choose Power Supply automatically; it disables Power Supply from USB automatically when it is connected with external Power Supply.
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