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Mini6410 ARM11 Development Board

Mini6410  ARM11 Development Board
Mini6410 - ARM11 S3C6410 with TFT 4.3 inch Touch Screen Dev Board (256 MB NAND Flash)

The Mini6410 development board is an excellent ARM11 board offering a comprehensive solution integrating both hardware and software. It is designed, developed and distributed by Friendly ARM in Guangzhou, China. It applies the Samsung S3C6410 microprocessor and inherits all the features and benefits of our most popular Mini2440 products excelling in quality and easy to use with low cost. Compared to our previous products it has more reliable design and varied interfaces. These features make it easily and widely used in MID development, auto electronic devices, industrial applications, GPS systems and multimedia systems. It is good for educational training, embedded development and DIY as well.

In general the Mini6410 board has the following interfaces:
Double LCD interfaces,
4-wire resistor touch screen interface,
100M Ethernet interface,
DB9 5-wire serial port
Mini USB 2.0-OTG interface
USB Host 1.1 interface,
3.5mm audio output
On board microphone interface,
SD card socket,
Infrared receiver,
TTL serial port,
CMOS camera interface,
40pin bus interface,30pin GPIO interface (it can be multiplexed to SPI, I2C and interrupts. It includes 3ADC and 1 DAC.),
SDIO2 interface (can be connected to SD WiFi module),
10pin JTAG interface,
PWM buzzer,
backup battery for RTC,
1AD adjustable resistor,
8 x User button,
4 x LED
All these benefits, combined with our dedicated 4.3-inch LCD, bring you wonderful experience: all in your hand!

In addition we make the best use of the SD booting feature, by using our specially developed Superboot, enabling the board bootable from an SD card. With Superboot users can copy various systems (WindowsCE6/Linux/Android/Ubuntu/uCos2) into an SD card (up to a maximum memory of 32G) and install them on the board without connecting to a PC, or run them on the SD card without burning systems onto the board. In one word, this one-minute booting process is “Revolutionary to System Installation and Running”.
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Mini6410 Hardware Features
- Samsung S3C6410A, ARM1176JZF-S, 533Mhz, maximum 667Mhz

- On board 256M DDR RAM (128M Optional)
- 32bit Data Bus
FLASH Memory
- On board 128M/256M/1GB SLC Nand Flash or 2GB MLC Nand Flash
- Four-wire touch screen interface
- Support black and white, 4 level grayscale, 16 level grayscale, 256-color4096-color
STN LCD, 3.5-inch to 12.1-inch, screen resolution 1024x768;
- Support black and white, 4 level grayscale, 16 level grayscale, 256-color, 64K-color,
true color TFT LCD, 3.5-inch to 12.1-inch, screen resolution 1024x768,

Interfaces and External Accessories
- 1 * 100M Ethernet RJ-45 port (powered by the DM9000 network chip)
- 1 * DB9 RS232 five-wire serial port (with 4 TTL serial ports)
- 1 * mini USB Slave 2.0 with OTG
- 3.5mm dual stereo audio output and single microphone input
- 1 * TV-OUT output with RCA port
- 1 * USB Host 1.1 port
- 1 * standard SD card socket
- 1 * Infrared receiver
- 5V power supply
- 1 * I2C-EEPROM chip (256 byte), for I2C Bus test
- 4 * USER LED (green)
- 8 * USER Button (interrupt pins, extended from board)
- 1 * Adjustable resistor, for AD conversion testing
- 1 * PWM buzzer
- Onboard real-time clock backup battery

Extended Interfaces
- 4 * Serial port socket (TTL, 2.0mm spaced socket)
- 1 * 10 pin 2.0mm spaced JTAG interface
- Double LCD Interfaces (one 41 pin connector compatible with Mini2440 LCD and the
other 40 pin 2.0 mm spaced doubled line connector)
- 1 * 20pin 2.0mm spaced SDIO interface (can be connected to SD WiFi and include an
SPI and an I2C)
- 1 * 20pin 2.0mm spaced CMOS camera interface
- 1 * 30 pin 2.0mm spaced GPIO port
- 1 * 40 pin 2.0mm spaced system bus interface
- 1 * 10pin 2.0mm spaced button socket including 8 interrupt pins, power and ground
PCB Overview
- PCB layer: 6
- 110 x 110 mm

OS Support
The Mini6410 development board currently can load the following operating systems:

- Linux2.6.38(or latest) + Qtopia-2.2.0 + QtE-4.7.0
- WindowsCE.NET 6.0(R3)
- Android 2.3.2 (or latest)
- Ubuntu-0910

User Manual (PDF)
Mini6410 Development Board