Thursday, July 21, 2011

MICROCHIP PIC18F8720 Microcontroller Board

MICROCHIP PIC18F8720 Microcontroller Board

Available now our most powerful PIC Controller to date, the new PIC18F8720 Microontroller board. Featuring the high performance PIC18F8720 Microcontroller with a massive 128k of internal Flash Memory. Optimized and ideal for large C programs, this small compact controller will suit the most demanding applications with heaps of features combined with high-speed operation.
The PIC18F8720 Microcontroller Board is loaded with features, inlcuding an optimized core for high speed operation. Full linear program memory addressing for the full 128k of program memory. Hardware implemented 8 x 8 Multiply instruction. Additional external memory can be easily added for up to 2MBytes. Up to 16-Channels of 10-bit A/D Converters are included together with 5 Capture/Compare Modules and 2 USART ports. Up to 70 I/O points are available with all port connectors brought out to standard headers for easy connect and disconnect. In-Circuit program download is also provided, enabling the board to be easily updated with new code and modified as required, without the need to remove the microcontroller.
All the necessary support components are included, together with a Power and Programming LED for easy status indication. Plus a reset switch for program execution and a RS232 connection for data transfer to and from a standard RS232 port, available on most computers.
Our new PIC18F8720 Microcontroller Board is suited for the most heavy duty embedded applications with loads of program memory and heaps of I/O points for controlling a wide range of applications. Programs can be easily updated with direct in-circuit programming making this unit perfect for industrial and commercial controllers. The optimized core and high speed operation is ideal for large C programs where a large number of computations need to be processed quickly. The PIC18F8720 Controller is the ideal choice for those large control applications where large memory and high speed are essential requirements.

• Includes Powerful Microchip PIC18F8720 Microcontroller with 128kb Internal Flash Program Memory
• Operating Speed at 10MHz
• Direct In-Circuit Programming for Easy Program Updates
• Up to 70 I/O points with easy to connect standard headers
• RS232 Connection with MAX232
• Internal EEPROM
• 16 Channel 10-bit A/D Convertor
• Three 16-bit Timers with Two 8-bit Timers
• Power and Programming LED
• Reset Button
• LCD Connection with Contrast Adjustment
• Ideal as an Interchangeable Controller for Real-Time Systems

Technical Data

Microcontroller: PIC18F8720-I/PT
Main Crystal: 6.000MHz
Speed: Up to 10 MIPS
Processor Language: PIC

Program Flash Memory (Internal): 128kBytes
RAM Memory (Internal): 3840 Bytes
EEPROM Memory (Internal): 1024 Bytes

I/O Points Available: 70
I/O Points Connection: IDCC Connector

A/D Channels: 16
A/D Accuracy: 10-bit

Real Time Clock: No

Timers: Yes - Three 16-bit Timer and Two 8-bit Timers
Capture/Compare: Yes - 5 Modules with PWM

Auxiliary Communication
RS232 Communication: Yes - 2 Channels
I²C Communication: Yes
SPI Communication: Yes
Parallel Port Module: Yes

Ancillary Features
In-Circuit Programming: Yes
Power-On Led: Yes - Red
Programming Led: Yes - Green
Reset Button: Yes
Test Led: Yes - Red
LCD Connection with Contrast Adjustment: Yes

Power Supply
Power-Supply: 5 Vdc

LxWxH: 82mm x 62mm x 25mm (Including mounting supports)

Parts Supplied
Included Parts: PIC18F8720 Microcontroller, Parallel Download Adapter, Download Software, Manual on CD, Examples and Sample Code, Data Sheets on CD

Technical Support
The following links provide useful background information for this microcontroller and using this controller board.
Data Sheets
PIC18F8720 Data Sheet: Microchip - PIC18F8720 Data Sheet
PIC18F8720 Technical Library (Includes FAQ, Assembly Code Examples and more): Microchip PIC18F458 - Technical Library
MAX232 Data Sheets: Maxim Web Site

Compilers and Programming Tools
Assembly: Microchip MPLAB IDE Assembly Language Programming Tool
C: Hi-Tech PIC C Compiler

Useful Websites
Microchip: To Microchip Website
Circuit Cellar Magazine: To Circuit Cellar Website