Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ARM LPC2148 Microcontroller USB Development Board


ARM LPC2148 Microcontroller USB Development Board

The new ARM2148 USB Development Board is now available. This board utilizes the new powerful LPC2148 USB Microcontroller from NXP/Philips with a huge 512kBytes of Memory. With a direct USB 2.0 Connection this board can easily interface with your computer or existing control system. The board is ideal for both program development as well as a stand-alone controller for a high performance embedded controller. Programs can be downloaded directly to the board using the USB Connection or by the more conventional RS232 Connection. The USB Connection can also be used for program monitoring and data transfer. With the large program memory, the board is ideal for use with C and Basic Programs.
Included on the board are all the necessary support components for immediate, ready-to-run operation. The microcontroller incorporates a total of 14 Channels of A/D Convertors with 10-bit accuracy, together with PWM outputs, D/A Output and all the standard interfacing protocols, including I²C, SPI and 2 UART Channels. A total of 47 I/O points are available for the most extensive interfacing requirements. For program development, a large breadboard is included on the board, together with LED's, pushbuttons, trimpots and a speaker for easy program testing.

Our new ARM2148 USB Development Board is a powerful solution for applications requiring a USB Connection and large program memory, combined with a high-performance ARM Microcontroller.

• Includes Philips LPC2148 Microcontroller with 512kBytes of Memory
• Direct USB Computer Connection for Program Download and Monitoring (USB 2.0 Compliant)
• Fully Assembled and Ready to Run
• 4 Pushbuttons with Speaker On-Board
• 4 Variable Trimpots for Adjustable Analogue Inputs
• 4 Red Test LED's
• Breadboard Included
JTAG Connector
• LCD Connector with Contrast Adjustment
• Power and Programming LED
• Ideal for LPC2148 Program Development and Testing

Technical Data

Microcontroller: LPC2148
Manufacturer: Philips Semiconductor
Main Crystal: 12.000MHz
Speed: up to 12.000MHz
Processor Language: ARM

Program Flash Memory (Internal): 512 kBytes
RAM Memory (Internal): 32 kBytes
USB Memory (Internal): 2 kBytes

I/O Points Available: 47
I/O Points Connection: Standard Shrouded Male Headers

A/D Inputs: Yes - 14 Channels
A/D Accuracy: 10-bit
A/D Speed: 400Ksps

D/A Output: Yes - 1 Channel
D/A Accuracy: 10-bit

PWM Output Channels: Yes - 6 Channels

Timers: Yes - Two 32-bit Timers
Real-Time Clock: Yes - with Battery Back-Up and 32.768kHz Crystal

Auxiliary Communication
RS232 Communication: Yes - 2 Channels
SPI: Yes - 3-wire SPI Module
I²C: Yes - 2 Channels (400kbit/s)
USB: Yes - USB 2.0 Compliant with 2kB of RAM

Development Features
LED's: Yes - 4 Red LED's with Resistor
Pushbuttons: Yes - 4 Tactile Switches with Pull-Up Resistor
Buzzer/Speaker: Yes - with Output Connection
Analogue Inputs: Yes - 4 10k Trimpots
LCD Connection: Yes - with Contrast Adjustment

Ancillary Features
In-Circuit Programming: Yes
Power-On Led: Yes - Red
USB Power Led: Yes - Red
USB Link Led: Yes - Green
Debug-Run Selector: Yes
Battery Back-Up Socket: Yes (Underside of Board)
Reset Button: Yes
Load Button: Yes

Power Supply
Power-Supply: 5 Vdc (3.3V Regulator On-Board)

LxWxH: 155mm x 90mm x 30mm

Parts Supplied
Included Parts: ARM2148 USB Development Board, RS232 Download Cable, USB Connection Cable, Download Software, Manual on CD, Examples and Sample Code, Data Sheets on CD.

Technical Support
The following links provide useful background information for this microcontroller and using this controller board.

CP-JR ARM7 USB-LPC2148  [Circuit 1] [Circuit 2] [Circuit 3]
Data Sheets
LPC2148 Data Sheet: NXP - LPC2148 Data Sheet
LPC214X User Manual: NXP - LPC2148 User Manual
LPC2000 Series Code Examples: NXP - ADC, EINT, I2C, SPI etc Code Examples

Compilers and Programming Tools
Keil: DB-ARM Compiler

Useful Websites
NXP (formerly Philips): To NXP website
Circuit Cellar Magazine: To Circuit Cellar Website